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Our Local Wall of Fame

At Pluck, we love local.  From the locally grown and sourced ingredients we blend with, to the packaging we design and create, we keep our sourcing footprint as close to home as possible – while supporting independently owned local businesses.

This page is dedicated to our local growers, makers, and suppliers.

Eon, Local Printer Extraordinaire

Many companies use companies in far away lands for their packaging to save money, but not us.  Meet Eon, our favourite local printer, who provides us with custom printed materials that help bring our brand to life.

Michael, Local Chocolate Maker

Michael is the visionary and founder behind Chocosol – a Toronto – based chocolate maker. His team delivers cacao shells and nibs to us (as well as our monthly staff chocolate supply) twice monthly to ensure freshness.

Rolande and Derek, Dried Lavender

These two wonderful people who have been a part of the Pluck family from the very start.  The Prince Edward Lavender Farm is located in beautiful Hillier, Ontario, in the heart of the county.

Richters Herbs, Flowers and Herbs

The wonderful team at Richter’s Herbs in Goodwood, Ontario grow and dry a wide range of herbs and flowers that we use for our blends, such as peppermint, sunflowers, and lemon verbena.

Daniel, Wooden Tea Boxes and Displays

Dan worked with us to create our custom tea boxes and retail displays, and his shop is located right here in the GTA.  Our branded boxes are finished with rosemary oil by his team of talented craftspeople.

Bill, Southbrook Vineyards Grape Skins

Bill is the owner of Southbrook Vineyards in Niagara, Ontario, an organically certified, biodynamic winery. After pressing, his ice wine and cabernet franc grape skins are saved for us, and dried for use in several of our teas.

Peter and Case, Van Dyk’s Specialty Products

The Van Dyk family pioneered wild blueberry farming in Southwest Nova Scotia.  Today their farm produces berries for market and for juicing, and they supply custom sugar and oil – free dried blueberries for Pluck.

Peter, Toronto Bee Rescue / Ontario Honey Creations

Peter is a second generation beekeeper who rescues bees at risk and relocates them to the Greenbelt, where they produce honey for Ontario Honey Creations and our Honey Chai.