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"As someone who supports local artisan producers of food it is easy to support Pluck Tea. Part of our work in furthering local procurement practices is to create new, non - traditional rural economies. Jennifer has done that by creating demand for small scale production from local growers of ingredients that go into her teas.”

— Chef Jamie Kennedy, Jamie Kennedy Kitchens

Restaurants: Know the Three T's!

The success of any restaurant tea program can be boiled down to three things: tea, temperature, and time. Know the Three T's for the perfect cup!


Tea Mocktails

We shook up some delicious new zero percent drink ideas with our friends at She Does the City and The Drake Hotel. Simple and refreshing.

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Pluck tea offers customized tea programs for restaurants, cafes, hotels, retailers, and offices. It is our pleasure to serve you!



At Pluck, we grind spices fresh daily for our spicy, delicious chai. Cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, black peppercorn, and clove feature in this fragrant traditional blend.

We offer two options:  our special blend of freshly ground spices with tea leaves from our friends at Emrok Estates in Kenya (recipient of many sustainability awards in the industry) or blended with cacao shells from our friends at Chocosol.

Honey – free. (Vegan friendly)

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Pluck Tea is a leading maker of thoughtfully sourced, whole leaf teas and infusions.  Our blends feature ingredients grown on local farms and procured from local artisan makers, and can be found on menu at a growing list of notable restaurants and cafes.


Have you ever tried cooking with tea?

Here’s a great recipe for savoury shortbreads (make them days in advance… they get better with age if you can resist) that simply adds one step to the baking process:  steeping tea leaves in hot butter before mixing the dough.

This method can be used with many types of tea – so feel free to change this recipe up to suit your taste.

Tea Infused Shortbreads

“Pluck Tea has been a valuable partner in helping us grow the tea business within our cafes. Not only do they have a remarkable variety of teas, many highlighted by local ingredients, but their service is consistently dependable and timely.”

— Jimmy’s Coffee